Whether you're calculating payroll or just double-checking your pay stub, this task requires math you may not have used since grade school. But don't worry; it's really quite simple if you follow these easy steps.

Things You Will Need
  • Completed time card

  • Pencil and paper

  • Calculator

Step 1.

Convert hours to military time. For any in/out listing that takes place in the p.m., add 12. For example, if you clocked out at 4 p.m., list that as (4+12=)16.

If the time card is already kept in military time, make no changes. Do not change listings that take place in the a.m.

Step 2.

Convert minutes to decimals. Multiply the minute entry by 1.667, then put that number in the minutes column for each entry. For example, if you checked in at 10:15, the entry would read (15 x 1.667=) 10.25.

Step 3.

Subtract the in listing from the out listing for each day worked. If the previous examples were listed for Wednesday, the Wednesday hours would total (16.0-10.25=) 5.75 hours .

Step 4.

Repeat these steps for each shift worked.

Step 5.

Add the individual listings together to figure out the total hours worked in the pay period.


Numerous programs and free websites can calculate this for you, ranging from simple HTML forms to complex business accounting software.


If you are calculating payroll, be advised that the laws surrounding employment and payroll are complex. You should speak to a professional, if you haven't already.