How to Create Your Own Skate Logo

Creating your own skate logo is one way to show off your individuality. While there are many skateboard logos to choose from online, creating a unique logo that showcases your personality is best. While your design does not have to be complicated, it should represent your passion for skateboarding. You can create your logo using graphic design software or you can hire a graphic designer. By using your imagination and creativity, you can create a memorable logo that others will appreciate and want to copy.

Determine the size of your skate logo. Small and medium-sized logos that are proportionate to the skateboard deck look professional, clean and attractive. Use a measuring tape to determine the right size for your deck. Full deck skate logos are also available. These logos cover the entire skateboard deck.

Visit skateboarding websites, sporting goods stores and skate shops, and observe some of the logos at your local skateboard park for inspiration. Combine different aspects of designs you like to create a unique logo. Focus on what you want the logo to say about your personality.

Use graphic design software to create your skate logo. You can print out small and medium logos using a color printer. You will also need copy paper with a sticky backing. After printing your logo, peel off the backing and carefully attach it to your skateboard.

Hire a graphic designer to design your logo if you lack design skills or have limited experience using graphic design software. A graphic designer will be able to take your ideas and work with you in creating a unique skate logo. Most graphic designers have the printing equipment needed to print large logos as well.

Attach your new logo to your skateboard.


  • Vinyl deck logos may be more durable than logos printed on other types of paper. You may also decide to spray paint a logo design on your skateboard instead of using copy paper or vinyl.


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