How to Buy a Vehicle Wraps Cheap

Whether you call them car wraps or vehicle wraps, they are driving billboards. Ready to spew your information to anyone on the streets looking, you can find new customers with a vehicle wrap that normally would never have come to your location. The idea of getting a vehicle wrap is noble, but paying for it is another story. If you know what to ask and where to look, you can find your car wrap much cheaper.

Get several quotes for your vehicle wrap. In fact, get at least a dozen. Start with the local companies, then check the Internet for companies that work exclusively in vehicle wraps. These folks print in bulk on the vinyl that goes on the cars, so you will see a difference in price.

Ask if you can design the car wrap. This will cut out several hundreds bucks and it is easy. The vehicle wrap companies have a template for the model of the car and just fit the items into this image.

Consider getting a partial wrap. Everyone has seen a completely wrapped vehicle, but if you think about it, you have seen a partial one too (an electrical van is a perfect example.) Consider getting pieces of your car wrapped to save some cash. Your two car sides and back can be wrapped while leaving the roof and hood and windows off (this will save a lot of cash as your square footage used will go down significantly.)

Ask to find out who is installing your wrap and if you can talk to them directly. If so, you might be able to save the seller's markup by hiring the installer directly -- cutting out the extra cash.

Know the types of vinyl and decide what works best. If your vehicle is going to be kept inside during bad weather and at night, you don't need the premium vinyl to have a wrap for three years. Instead get a cheaper vinyl and keep your car clean and avoid the elements as much as possible.


  • An average wrap lasts three years. Car wrap advertising campaigns are based on how many people see the wrap while driving per day. This would also include positioning the car in places people could see the sides.


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