How to Promote a Preschool On a Low Budget

Promoting a business, like a preschool, without an advertising budget can be difficult. There are ways to get the word out there without breaking the bank.

Our school has no money for advertising so we had to think of some other ways to get the word out about out "GREAT" establishment. Our preschool is in a church, so our first course of action was to invite church members to come check us out and put small advertisements in the bulletin, the monthly newsletter, and have flyers on the church' s bulletin board.

Secondly, we scheduled an Open House and put flyers up in all the local supermarkets which did not cost us anything. We also sent flyers home with present parents to invite those they knew. Our biggest "advertisers" have always been our parents.

Thirdly, I was lucky enough to have an internet savvy friend who was kind enough to help us create a very basic website about the school. We did it through Microsoft Live, at the Microsoft office website. It is pretty easy and it is also free. If you would like to take a look, here is the website:

I also created a blog that helped showcase things we do at our nursery school. This is another free resource to use, and again it is very easy to do. You can check this website also, I used to create the site.

Finally, I always allow visitors to set up a time to come visit our classroom when it is in operation. I know this can be difficult, but I feel the parent is getting a very realistic look at what the children do, how the teachers are, etc. I usually try to schedule no more than 2 parents a day.

Hopefully this will get the word out about your school and generate interest for you.

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