Creating a restaurant schedule for multiple employees can be quite confusing if you're not organized. But with the help of a typical spreadsheet, a manager can simplify their work and spend less time scheduling people and more time managing. Following are the basic steps to complete this task.

Step 1.

Start with a spreadsheet. Separate people by their job titles, such as waitress, busboy and cook. Gather the names of everyone who works at your restaurant and list them in alphabetical order by job description. Title your first column "Staff Name." This makes it easy for everyone to look up their schedule when it is in an organized column.

Step 2.

List the description of their job in the second column. This is not only helpful for you but your employees can know who to count on to accomplish each job for the shift. After each job description, place a number that corresponds to the section of the restaurant the employee is working in; for example, waitress 1 for area one and busboy 1 for area one. This eliminates any confusion, and employees can immediately start working when they arrive for their shifts.

Step 3.

Calculate the hours of the shift in your third column. Let them know that for breakfast they are working from 6 a.m. to noon. Section 1 should arrive first and be allowed to leave first. On your busy days, be sure to bring in enough people for each position to cover the shifts. Also, bring in a person for the lunch shift before everyone is released from their breakfast shifts. The crossover will cover any problems that can arise if an employee arrives late.

Step 4.

Put the day of the week in the final column. There will be employees that are not available for work every day, so you cannot repeat the same schedule for each day of the week. This is the easiest way to create a schedule that is understandable to your employees and easy for you to calculate payroll. If you have a larger restaurant that needs a more complex scheduling system, go to: This site provides a free schedule download using Excel to help you.