How to Print a Free Certificate of Completion Template

Printing a free certificate of completion template or completion certificate is moderately easy. If you often need a free certificate of completion certificate stock up on a variety of nice paper that will work with your printer. Completion certificates are readily available on the internet or you can create one using a certificate software package.

Choose your free certificate of completion template or completion certificate. If you do not have a certificate software package, many free certificate of completion templates and completion certificate are available online. See the link below under Resources for a list -- Websites With Free Certificate of Completion Templates.

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader. Many online free completion certificates are available in pdf files. You will need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader (see line below under Resources) to view the file. Often pdf files will have editable form fields which makes adding text to a completion certificate easy.

Design and edit your free certificate of completion template to make it exactly the way you would like it. Save the file to your computer if the certificate software or online program will allow you to save the file. Proofread your free completion certificate. Check for misspellings.

Learn about your printer. Know the proper way to load the paper tray. Make sure your printer is connected to your computer. You may want to adjust your printer setting to high quality printing. High quality printing often uses more of the ink in your print cartridges, but your completion certificates will look nicer.

Print preview your free completion certificates using your certificate software or web browser. Make any final changes. Print your certificates.


  • If you often need a variety of certificates consider buying a nice certificate software package. You may be able to download free certificate software online. Check for certificate software downloads and reviews.


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