How to Get Free Internet Advertising


The internet is free so why should you have to pay to advertise a business online. Free internet advertising is available in many forms. Some work better than others. The following article will detail several methods for getting free internet advertising.

Blogging is a great way to advertise a business online. Install a blog on your businesses website. It can be in the background if you don't want regular site visitors to easily come across it, but it is better if it is interlinked with the site. Promote your blog in the blogosphere to get traffic. Make sure to link your product with similar blog posts and vice versa.

Comment on blogs, forums and articles of similar nature. Most of these will allow you to link back to your blog or website from there. If you spend the time to give real valid input on their content, it will make your website look more reputable so people will be more likely to click over and take a look at what you are offering. This can be one of the most effective methods to advertise a business online because there is a personal aspect to it. People are more likely to trust a real person than the advice given by a Google advertisement.

Writing articles on different websites such as associated content, bukisa or eHow can be a great way to advertise your business. An example of how this can be done is eHow. Write an article about how to do something that would require them to make use of the product or services which you are selling. Then link to your product or service as a way of encouraging the sale. This can be a very lucrative method if you spend the time to write quality material.

Classifieds are another great way to advertise a business online. For the most part classifieds, even on the internet, are localized. This can actually be good because you can target different locals in order to provide customized offers to the various places.


  • Be careful not to become a "spammer" when using free internet advertising techniques as this may hinder your ability to advertise your business online.

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