How to Welcome a New Tenant - Part 2

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A welcome home gift for a new tenant doesn't have to be expensive or fancy. Simply providing handy information in a convenient package can help take some stress out of moving and will reflect plenty of thoughtfulness on your part.

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Welcome your new tenant so they will feel at home. Take your 3 prong notebook and dividers and fill it with information a new resident might need.

Examples might be: Tab 1 - emergency contact information for the complex and/or local authorities Tab 2 - cleaning tips, laundry room rules, etc. Tab 3 - Information about the area...schools, libraries, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. (adding directions from your complex will help people who are new to the area) Tab 4 - A copy of their lease

You might also want to add a "change of address packet" from your local post office for their convenience.

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Purchase a canvas grocery bag. These canvas bags are very inexpensive, but quite useful.

Inside this bag put a few basic items that people will need, but sometimes forget about -- a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, trial sized dish liquid, laundry detergent and fabric softener are just a few things you could add. These are items that your new tenant may not have remembered to bring, but will need immediately.

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Write up a little "Welcome to your new home" letter to put with the gift bag. Let them know you and your staff are happy they have chosen your complex to make their new home, etc. Have all members of your staff sign the letter. This lets the tenant know that everyone at the complex is welcoming them.


  • Put a label on the front of the notebook with their address on it. This helps them learn their address and it is convenient when filling out the change of address forms. Hand out the notebook once they are done signing their lease... Place the canvas gift bag filled with items and the "welcome to your new home" letter in the apartment, so when they enter their new home they have a gift waiting there for them... Another gift might include: A gift card to a grocery store with a card that says: "Have your first meal in your new home on us" Welcome your new tenant and you might find you will have a better tenant in the long run...


  • You might want to avoid candles, snacks, etc., as your favorite scent or snack might not be their favorite.

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