How to Sell Advertising

Every business needs to be properly promoted so it can become profitable and succeed. For that reason, businesses need effective advertising. Most people do not have the time, knowledge or proper resources to advertise on their own and, for that reason, they hire others to do the job for them. There is considerable competition in this area and if you want customers to choose your advertising services, you should go through certain steps to meet your objective.

Find good leads. Getting solid leads is pivotal in selling advertising. You can obtain these through telephone directories, offline and online business directories, mailing lists, referrals from others, networking, business organization membership lists and companies that offer the service of providing you viable leads for businesses that may be interested in advertising.

Cold-call potential advertisers by directly contacting business leads and telling them about your advertising services. Research your prospects before calling, so that you know the background of their business. If a receptionist or secretary answers, always ask to speak to the person in charge. It may be helpful to write out what you want to say in advance, but simply as a guide to help you get your thoughts organized, rather than as a "canned" script. The best time to make calls is generally early in the morning because those who make decisions about a business may be more willing to listen to your pitch.

Provide a means of contact, so that interested parties can get in touch with you. Supply them with your business telephone number, fax number, mailing address, location, email address and, if applicable, your website address.

Place a follow-up call to businesses who have expressed interest in your advertising services. Be persistent in getting them to set up a specific date and time to meet face-to-face.

Dress to impress when you meet a prospective client. First impressions are the most lasting, so presenting a professional appearance is important. Wearing a suit is much better than wearing casual clothes.

Prepare properly for when you sit down with a prospect. Have knowledge about their specific industry, company history and competition by doing some research before you meet. When you are well-versed regarding the particulars of a business, it shows that you have an understanding of their needs. Before getting into your pitch, ask them what they believe makes them unique and what customers they are most interested in reaching. Work to convince them that you can develop an advertising campaign that will satisfy their needs by effectively grabbing the attention of as many prospective buyers as possible and getting those prospects to act.

Close the sales deal. Ask for the order and handle any potential objections by offering your prospect options and advertising packages, and re-emphasizing how your advertising services will be more beneficial to them than your competitor's. Prompt them to sign the order by saying something, such as "I'll need your signature, so we can get things rolling."


  • Be persistent. Place callbacks and do follow-ups with potential clients who have expressed interest in your services.