How to use BBB online (Better Business Bureau)

The Better Business Bureau, BBB, is a good resource to ensure trust and a good standing relationship between a business and the consumer. The BBB website is a resource where you can check out businesses and websites that belong to the BBB. You can see the BBB rating and any unresolved complaints that have been filed against companies. There is also a disclosure of any government involvement with the business, such as unfair, illegal or dishonest practices. This is a simple way to check on an online business or website business you are looking to patronize, but don't know much about before spending your money there.

Log onto the Better Business Bureau's website.

Once there, you will see two options; one "For Consumers" and one "For Businesses." Click on "For Consumers." You may need to click on "For Consumers" again on the top left of the next page.

You will see several links. Click on the link that says "Check Out a Business or Charity."

The next area will have a box that says: "Search For." Click in that box and type in the name of the company or the URL website address and click on "Search."

This will either bring you to the company or give you a list of companies. Click on the company you are looking for and you can scroll down and read the information and the BBB rating this company has earned. There will also be all the company contact information included.


  • Once you click on the company name, you can click on the "Trusted" link to write a review, get more company information and read other's reviews on the company. If you don't find the company you are looking for, you may contact the BBB directly.


  • Be cautious if you do business with a company who has a low BBB rating.



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