How to Buy Freightliner Parts Online

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Independent truckers know that once in a while, a replacement truck part can be hard to get locally or more expensive than ordering it online. If you need to do some parts replacement due to routine wear and tear, chances are you can find cheaper parts online than locally. Have the year and model of your truck handy when your order freightliner parts online.

Determine the parts that you need to replace. Discuss with your mechanic whether or not you should buy a reconditioned part or a new one. Ask your mechanic which remanufactured suppliers have the most reliable parts.

Visit a website that sells freightliner parts, such as the Freightliner Trucks: Run Smart website (see Resources for the link to this site).

Determine whether the part is newly manufactured or rebuilt. A rebuilt part usually carries a warranty, but it may not be as good as a part that is new and direct from the factory. Unless you install the part yourself, you will pay shop rates to have the part installed, and it could actually be more cost efficient to put in a new part, compared with a rebuilt part, since new part warranties are almost always better than reconditioned warranties.

Take the old part off before you order the new part so you can make sure the new part is the same one as the old part. They might have different part numbers stamped on them, which is a red flag and a sure sign you should call customer service before you order online.

Find out what the core price is, so you can send the old part back and get the core credit quickly.


  • You might ask your mechanic, if using one, which site he prefers. Chances are he has experience ordering parts online, since those parts are generally cheaper.


  • Find out the warranty and exchange policies for your parts. Sometimes electronic parts are not returnable, in which case you should be very careful about ordering online without speaking to a customer service representative first.