If you want to legally sell items that represent the National Football League (NFL), Super Bowl, Pro Bowl or any NFL team using words or official seals and symbols, you have to have an NFL licensing agreement because all of these are licensed trademarks. You must meet very specific requirements before the NFL will consider you for a licensing agreement.

Read the prequalification agreement (see Resources) to determine if you meet the minimum requirements. Some of these include having at least three years of experience in manufacturing or distribution, being the manufacturer of the items you want licensed, running a legitimate business that follows all applicable laws, having financial backing and carrying a certain level of insurance.

Gather the required information. This includes two years of audited financial statements and tax returns, a current annual report, a current product catalog and a letter of reference from a financial institution, such as your bank. Make sure that all of these are legible and have appropriate contact information for the preparer. The NFL may contact the preparer with questions.

Download, print and fill out the prequalification information form. Write legibly and complete the form in its entirety. If something isn't applicable to your company, write "not applicable" instead of leaving the space blank.

Scan the prequalification form and supporting documents and email them to [email protected]. When the NFL receives this information, you will get an email showing the date of receipt. You will be notified within 90 calendar days if your application is approved. If you haven't received an email within 90 days, your application has been denied.

Follow all directions when you submit your ideas if your application was approved. These directions will vary depending on what category your proposed item falls into.


Give permission to the preparers of your financial documents and other business documents to answer questions if an NFL representative contacts them. This will help the NFL process your application faster.

If your application is denied, you can reapply in one year.


Don't submit any ideas to the NFL until you are instructed to do so. If you submit any ideas before they ask you for them, you may lose all rights to the idea and be permanently banned from applying for licensing agreements in the future.

Read the prequalification agreement to learn what items the NFL isn't licensing at any given time. These items change often.