There are various ways to search for companies online and offline, depending on the size nature of the organization. It is easier to find information about bigger companies because they are often the ones publicized and written about. Check out these ways on how to find company profiles.

Step 1.

Use Vault and Hoovers online. These websites have a database of companies, and there are different options to locate a particular company. You can search for them through an alphabetical listing, geography, industry and classification. These websites may also have forums, advice and experiences from employees which allows you to learn more about the company culture through a person working there. For in-depth information, these websites may require you to sign up for a monthly fee.

Step 2.

Buy or subscribe to a magazine. Business magazines often feature companies both established and upcoming. There are several options to choose from, and if you are unsure which one to get, go to a newsstand where you can compare magazines first hand. These articles are usually longer compared to a quick overview, and this allows you to know the company and its team more in depth. These magazines also have great website where you can quickly search for an article or company that they have published a couple of issues back.

Step 3.

For local businesses, check your local employment or tourism office. Cities may have a list of companies operating within its areas. Also, you may want to look online also. You may find local and smaller companies on websites like Business, which is a search engine for businesses and Merchant Circle, which is geared to local merchants. Merchant Circle is used by companies to promote their own businesses, and they feature profile, websites, maps, favorites and other features.

Step 4.

Talk to employees of the company whose information you are looking for. If you want a company overview, employees may have access to materials and brochures, and if you want to know a company more fully, they may be able to tell you about their own experiences and provide you with more information regarding what you are looking for.