How to Be an Efficient, Effective Manager

Being an efficient, effective manager takes the same amount of time as being an inefficient, ineffective manager. Use your time, skills and abilities in a positive way to be a great manager.

Manage your time well before you manage anyone or anything else. Manage time, don't let time manage you.Take care of yourself so you can take of those who depend on you.

Team Work is Critical

Be a results-oriented manager. Describe what you want as an end product and ask your employees how they can best accomplish it. What do you expect to happen and how?


Focus on the things you and your employees CAN do instead of trying to do what you CANNOT do. Work to and build on your strengths before trying to stregnthen your weaknesses.


Set priorities, make sound decisions and focus on doing the best you can do with what you have. Work hard, work harder then work your hardest.



  • REmember the Golden Rule. Live by it and manage by it.