Building brand awareness is the first communication objective with a new product launch. Before you create a favorable impression and induce buying, targeted customers must realize your brand exists. Several strategies, including traditional advertising and promotional giveaways, are beneficial to building and increasing brand awareness.

Develop Consistent Collateral

Marketing collateral material, including brochures, business cards and fliers, allows you to disseminate information about the branded product to target markets. A small business can mail brochures and set up displays on front counters in the business to alert customers about a product launch. Consistency in the color scheme and product message in marketing collateral contributes to efficiency in building brand awareness for a product. In a small community, it is affordable to send direct mail letters and postcards to announce the product launch as well.

Design Attractive Packaging

Attractive packages play a vital role in building awareness at the point-of-purchase. Many consumer decisions are made at the point of purchase. An attractive package design, especially one that aligns with promotional materials, may compel consumers to take your product off the shelf. An on-package coupon offered for a period of time after launch contributes to the appeal. In a competitive product arena, a modest discount at the purchase point is effective.

Give Products Away

One of the most impacting ways to build brand awareness for a new product is to give it away. This strategy may contradict your perception about creating a profit; however, giving products away excites potential customers. If customers who receive the giveaways are impressed, you may lock them in for future purchases. Also, positive experiences with promotional products cause people to let friends, coworkers and family members know about the new brand. The viral effect that results from giving away products can lead to fast-developing buzz for a great product.

Buy Media Placements

Though it requires a more significant investment, traditional advertising is a common and effective way to build product awareness. A small business may benefit from broadcast or print advertising. TV advertising is the most expensive of the traditional media, but it allows for broad reach. Local radio is more affordable, but you have to repeat your ads to reach attentive listeners. Local newspapers are relatively affordable for small companies, though the impact is often modest. Product websites and social media campaigns are common digital marketing approaches to enhance new product awareness.