ClickBank is an online platform that connects digital product creators to affiliate marketers, who promote products to customers on the Internet in different ways. Product creators list their products in an online marketplace for marketers to select and promote, and marketers earn commissions in the range of 1 to 75 percent of the sale price for their efforts. Product creators and marketers can both sign up to be ClickBank members, but only marketers get to do so for free. As a marketer, effective methods for promoting digital products include using niche authority websites, videos, blogs and social media to display links to the products you’re marketing.

Niche Authority Websites

Marketers that are an authority on a specific niche, such as Italian wines, Las Vegas travel or even sketch art, and own an informational website have a platform to promote ClickBank products. You can earn recurring commissions simply by providing informational content to niche audiences by positioning affiliate links appropriately on your homepage or blog page. You can create a call-to-action section for the product on each page listing the affiliate link as a reference so your visitors can click through to learn more information. You do need to have some traffic built up on your website if you’re going to see high numbers of conversions.

Online Videos

Marketers can create short videos to be displayed on websites such as YouTube and Blinkx to promote ClickBank products. The type of video and content you provide is entirely up to you. You can display a video with a link to the product listed below the content, or you can include a product link in the video itself. You can upload anything from humorous videos to get-rich-quick spiels to animated short skits to promote ClickBank products; just be sure the video has some relation to the product you're advertising.

Proprietary Blogs

Proprietary blogs, where you offer commentary on current events or subjects you know well, can be used to promote ClickBank products. You can create a blog via WordPress for free, then add product links to your various posts. There are a number of free blog platforms other than WordPress, such as Blogger, that can also help you get started. If you update your blog posts regularly and send them to your blog's email subscriber list, you’ve got a solid chance of netting commissions.

Social Media

With social media, you can post articles on your homepage or post links on other people’s message boards. Compelling content with links can go viral, ultimately generating commissions for you. For this method to work, you need to build up your friends and connections. You can also use the ClickBank Social Promote feature, which allows you to like products in the marketplace and have links placed directly on your social media pages. This makes it easier to leverage social media to your advantage. You don't have to worry about reformatting links when you use the social promote feature, making it easier to select products and start earning commissions.