How to Choose a Background for eBay Pictures

How to Choose a Background for eBay Pictures. When you are taking pictures of the items you are selling on eBay, you do not need to be a professional photographer. However, your pictures needs to give your customers a clear look at the item they are bidding on. Too much clutter, or using the wrong color for your background can lead to bad pictures and poor sales.

Pick a color that contrasts with the dominant color in the item you are selling. For example, if the item you are putting for sale in your eBay auction is predominately yellow, a dark colored background, such as black or navy blue makes the item easiest to see. If on the other hand, the item is mostly black, go with a light colored background, or solid white.

Stay with solid colors. It might be tempting to use a pretty floral or print background behind the item, but prints backgrounds lead to confusion. Make your item stand out by keeping your backgrounds a solid color.

Use another item that you have listed under a different auction as your background if the opportunity exists. This might be one time when you want to stray from the solid color background. Take care to make sure the two items compliment each other and look appropriate placed in the same picture. For example, if you have military uniforms for sale and you are also selling an American flag, go ahead and use the flag as the backdrop for your uniforms. Then tell the bidders that they can find the flag for sale under your other auctions. This is a great way to increase exposure for your other auctions.

Go with white as your background for a foolproof approach to picture taking. Unless the item that you are selling is also white, then a white background almost always works. White reflects the light from your camera flash which eliminates the shadows caused by the item. Pictures taken with a white background are sharp, clear and easy to see.


  • Paper is the best material to use for backgrounds for your eBay pictures. If you want to use another material, be sure to choose one that does not wrinkle and does not attract lint, dog hair and other debris.


  • Never take a picture of the item for sale using the room as your background. Clutter in the background not only makes it difficult for bidders to see the item for sale, but it can also lead to confusion as to what is included in the auction. If you have anything in the picture that is not included in the auction, be sure to clearly state this in your description.

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