How to Start a Custom Stencil Business. Deciding to start a custom stencil business can prove to be a lucrative venture. Stencils are an easy way to create one of a kind designs on just about any surface from walls to clothing by placing the stencil on an item and filling in the design with paint. There are many designers and decorators across the country who could be potential clients of your business.

Step 1.

Create a business plan. This a necessary tool to help you chart how you will market your unique stencil designs, debt financing, and classes needed to keep your design skills sharp as you start a custom stencil design business.

Step 2.

Consider an online business when you start a custom design stencil business. You can show off your stencil design using an online gallery and it will be easier to maintain than a physical store giving you global appeal.

Step 3.

Decide whether or not you will need to outsource work by hiring additional stencil designers or a web design professional or if you will do it all yourself in the beginning. You need to make sure that funds and an agreement are in place whenever you hire outsourced workers.

Step 4.

Establish an effective marketing plan to bring specific stencil business to your store. When you start a custom design stencil business you could consider setting up an affiliate-marketing program to encourage complementary, established businesses to promote your custom stencils for a small commission. Mom and pop home decor shops and small business shops that sell paint could be ideal.

Step 5.

Obtain the necessary software, screen printing machines and other equipment needed to create custom stencils for your business.


Consider consulting an attorney and accountant to keep taxes, contracts and other legal matters in order. Take advantage of any business courses offered online or at your local community college to help you succeed when you start a custom stencil business.


Avoid listing standard prices for your services. Your business is offering custom designed stencils. Since every design is custom made it would be difficult to set standard pricing.