How to Start a Stationery Business. To start your own stationary business, you need to know the essentials of how to start a business. Fundamentally, a stationery business isn't any different than other businesses. You need a business plan, location, supplies and of course money.

Step 1.

Put together a business plan so you are sure you have everything you need to start your business. This is essential especially if you need backing for your business. A business plan will make a bank take you more seriously than if you just approach them asking to borrow money for a business.

Step 2.

Find a place to open your stationery business. A good location can make or break your business. You may know there is a need for a stationery store in your neighborhood, so look for a vacant store there to start your business.

Step 3.

Look for a supplier for your stationery business. This is another important factor for the success of your stationery business. You need to make comparisons of different suppliers so you get the best deal for your stationery. The lower the cost is to you the better, since this will enable you to keep your prices low but still make a profit.

Step 4.

Decide on a catchy name for your stationery business, since this is a big draw to your new business. Select something memorable because word of mouth is important and you want something that people won't forget.

Step 5.

Make sure you advertise your stationery business. You can start with flyers and signs in the window of your store. If you are in a high traffic area, people will see that you are opening and spread the word. Newspaper advertisements are also a good bet, especially ones in a small paper that is exclusive to your area.

Step 6.

Set up your stationery business and prepare to open on the date you've advertised the opening to be. Hire any staff you may need, open your stationery store and enjoy your business.