How to Create Home Health Care Agency Policies and Procedures

How to Create Home Health Care Agency Policies and Procedures. Starting a home health care agency is a great way to help others. It can also be a profitable business. The basis of your business operations will be in your policies and procedures manual. You need to carefully consider all aspects of your business when you write your procedures and policies. Here are guidelines.

Write a mission statement for your business. Think about the quality of care, the way you will treat your employees, and the purpose for starting the business.

Determine how you will treat your employees. One section of the book should focus on pay and benefits. Another part should cover mileage reimbursement and work schedules. You should also include a chain of command and an outline on how to reprimand poor employee behavior.

Outline the procedures and services that you will provide in your service. You should set up guidelines for all of the individual services that you offer. Think about how you will document the work and how much you will charge for each service.

Consider the billing services that you will use. Set up guidelines for filing insurance, working with denied claims, billing patients and late payments.

Divide your policies and procedures into an employee handbook and a patient information book or hand out. This will help to keep policies and expectations clear for all people involved.


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