How to Promote Your Product

You don't need to have a PR department or big bucks to promote your product. Thanks to the internet, there are many free ways you can promote a product yourself. It takes persistence and planning, but you can make amazing headway with the tips below.

Make Facebook and MySpace accounts. These sites are no longer for kids! They are great places to network. Make sure to put links to your product's website on both accounts. In your personal information tell all about how you developed your product, not about your actual personal life.

Join forums that interest you and put the link to your product's website in your signature.

Likewise, make sure your email signature has your site's link in it and identifies you as the creator, seller, owner, whatever, to tell people exactly how you are linked to the product. For example, a good signature should look like this:\n\nSincerely, \nYour Name, Creator of Website\

Establish yourself as an expert on a subject that relates to your product. Write articles about the subject and post them on your site, on free article sharing sites and in your newsletter.


  • Always be professional. Don't badmouth people in forums. Don't be rude in chats. You don't want to get a bad reputation linked to your product.


  • Stay away from sensationalizing. People shy away from sellers that use a lot of exclamation points and has to mention their product in every other breath.