How to Sell an Idea

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A truly unique and innovative idea can be worth thousands of dollars or more. However, many ideas never make it past the drawing board because the innovators behind them were not able to clearly communicate the value of their idea to other people. Furthermore, you frequently only get one shot at convincing an investor that your idea is a worthwhile investment. Being able to sell an idea is vital to your success as an inventor, businessperson or sales associate. It can also be an extremely useful skill when interacting with family members and friends as clear communication makes any relationship stronger. In this article, we will discuss how to sell an idea.

Write your idea on a blank sheet of paper. Explain it clearly to yourself, making sure that you have written down on the paper how the idea works, why it is a good idea and who the idea will impact.

Make a list of the things that you like about the idea.These can be things that the idea will do for you or someone else who implements it. The list can include financial, emotional and practical implications as long as they are positive.

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Make a list of words that describe how the idea makes you feel. As you think about your idea, write down your emotions. These should be feelings that are created by the idea rather than by the act of having the idea. For example, if the thought of implementing your idea makes you excited to be alive, then write that down. However, if the fact that you had a good idea is what is making you excited then you may need to leave that emotion off the list unless it is also associated with the results of taking action on the idea.

List things that you and people like you can accomplish using the idea.Focus on tangible and intangible results. For example, achieving something with this idea might lead to financial wealth, but it will also lead to a sense of accomplishment which can improve a person's mindset and outlook on life.

Use your lists to write a paragraph about the idea. Describe why the idea is a good one and how it will benefit you and others who also use the concept in a positive manner. You must focus on how the idea will be a positive influence for other people in order to sell it to other people.

Present your idea to a friendly audience. Gather a group of friends or family and practice your sales pitch. First, present the paragraph that explains the idea. Then present the paragraph that explains why the idea is so good. Listen to their praise and criticism to learn more about what you should keep in and leave out of your presentation.

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Present your idea to your real audience. Your real audience may be an investor, a patent officer or a business associate. Remember to be professional, but allow your enthusiasm to shine through. Your honest emotions will speak as strongly about the value of your idea as anything, but make sure that they do not inhibit your ability to communicate your sales pitch clearly. Be positive and prepared, and good luck!