How to Drop Ship

Drop ship programs have become a very popular way for businesses to extend its sales force. Once you have a company that is willing to sell your products on your behalf, you can start drop shipping your orders. Don't worry. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

How to Drop Ship

Obtain your client's business name, address and payment information for your files. Once you have a drop ship program in place, you will need to obtain your client's information. Be sure to have the name and address of the business (as they would like it to appear in the return shipping address). You will also want to keep a form of payment on file so that you can run the credit card when the order comes in and you won't have to ask for it each time. If your client is going to pay you via check then you will just need to invoice them.

Get the order. Your client is the business that actually sold the product to the end-user. When your client receives the order, they will place the order with you. They will then provide the end-user's shipping information to you so that you can ship the order directly to the end-user on behalf of your client.

Process the credit card. Run your client's credit card for the order. If you have a check payment arrangement with your client, then you will need to send an invoice to your client for the total amount of the order. Typically, you would charge your client a wholesale or discounted rate and your client would sell the products to its clients at the retail price.

Pack the order. Now it is time to pack the order. When you pack the box, be sure to include any of your client's promotional items, flyers, business cards or other information that you have agreed to include in their orders. It is also important that you do not include anything that has your information on it that would reveal your business identity to the end-user.

Ship the order. The return address should include your client's business name. Depending on the arrangement that you have with the client, you can either put your shipping address or your client's shipping address. Either way, the business name must be that of your client's.


  • Keep a positive attitude. In business, positivity is key.


  • Don't do business with any company before researching their background.