How to Write an Administrative Letter. In the business world, letter writing is not just a way to communicate with other agencies, businesses or prospective clients; it's a way to represent your company and let others know the quality of your service or product. Putting your company's best foot forward is imperative when writing an administrative letter.

Format the letter professionally. Include your company's address if the letter is part of an official written statement. At the top of the letter, under the date, include the address and your title, if required.

Type the recipient's address next. Personalize this, if possible. For instance, if you're writing to a specific department within a company, put the name of the individual you want to receive your letter. Alternately, indicate the department itself, if you don't have a name.

Get to the point. In business writing, chances are, the reader will have better things to do than wade through paragraphs of non-critical text. Explain the purpose of your letter and lay out the facts. Avoid flowery writing that detracts from the purpose of the letter.

Write in a professional business style but don't use difficult words the reader will have to buy a dictionary just to decipher. Keep your wording simple and descriptive. You want to get your point across, not impress the reader with your vocabulary skills.

Be courteous in your administrative letter. Writing that angers or is confrontational is generally counter productive to obtaining your goals. In addition, a letter that is argumentative may backfire and be used against you later.

Review your letter before mailing it to make sure it doesn't contain spelling or grammatical errors.