For small-business operators, getting great deals on merchandise can have a major impact on the bottom line. Overstock products are items that manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers carry in excess and then look for ways to unload, usually at discount prices. There are several paths to acquire overstock goods at reasonable rates.

Typical Overstock Sources 

Buyers can find overstock merchandise directly from namufacturers or wholesalers by developing relationships with them as a secondary buyer. This setup simply means that you are kept apprised of when these suppliers have excess goods to unload.


Some companies specialize in acquiring large volumes of overstock items and selling them at discounted rates to resellers. These wholesale or liquidation specialists often have very low prices if you buy large quantities of products.


Large chains or department stores often seek to sell overstock products to off-price companies that specialize in purchasing late-run or out-of-season items to resell at discounts. You can also buy from or Big Lots, which are retailers that specialize in selling only overstocked items acquired elsewhere. In some cases you must set up an online account to conduct business on these companies' websites.