How to Start a Garage Sale Business

How to Start a Garage Sale Business. Some people dread the idea of holding down a traditional 9 to 5 job. They want a career that allows them more flexible hours and freedom to manage their own business. You can achieve this goal by starting a garage sale business. If you start a garage sale business, people hire you to help with their own sales.

Make a business plan. You'll want to consider whether to go at the business alone or bring in a partner to help with the workload and manage more weekend garage sales. You'll also want to work out how much you can afford for start up costs.

Research the basics of a garage sale and how to successfully hold a sale. The book "The Great Garage Sale Book" by Sylvia Simmons can help you get started.

Advertise your business. Put the word out that you're available to help with a garage sales. In your advertisements, list all of the services you provide. You should help organize and collect the stuff for the sale and work the garage sale event.

Learn the prices of garage sale items. One of your duties will involve assisting people in pricing out their old stuff for sale. You'll need to visit other area sales to get an idea on costs of items.

Build a clientele. Once people hear about how much money you made your clients, you'll have plenty of customers. To start, you may want to organize garage sales for friends and neighbors.


  • Remember to pick a commission rate when you start a garage sale business. You'll most likely charge between 10 an 25 percent of the total sales.

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