How to Evaluate Job Applicants

How to Evaluate Job Applicants. The first time you need to hire someone can be interesting and exciting. You may have tons of applicants and you need a way to narrow them down. On the other hand, you may only get one or two job applicants and you have to figure out how to choose the right one. To evaluate job applicants, you need a plan in place.

Know what you want the job applicant to do. This could be as simple as opening your mail to as complicated as programming your web page. You want to list all the things you need the applicant to do and check the list against job applications and resumes as you get them.

Advertise for the position you want to fill. Use the list you created to write the advertisement so applicants know what skills and knowledge they need for the position.

Review the applications and resumes you get to see who is best qualified by what they sent. These may not reveal the best-qualified person for the position, but it does give you a starting point, especially if you have many applicants for the job.

Set up interviews with the applicants that seem to be best suited for the job. Give them enough warning so they can prepare for the interview--unless you prefer to catch them unprepared.

Write down questions you wish to ask the job applicants and make sure you ask each applicant the same questions. This way you can evaluate each reply with a numeric system--it can be as easy as one to five or more complicated depending on the job. In addition, some questions may be more important than others, so you want to give them higher value.

Put together a test for your job applicants. You may want to include it when you inform them of the interview or you may want them to take it in private before or during the interview. The important thing is to be able to evaluate their work before you hire them.

Make sure you compile all the information that you have gathered on each applicant and tally each applicant's score.


  • Don't forget to put in your own impressions of each job applicant. A good impression is a big factor.

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