How to Discontinue Direct Deposit. Depending on the rules specific to the company from which you are receiving direct deposit payments, the steps to discontinue direct deposit vary. Here are a few basic guidelines that all employers and financial institutions generally require to stop receiving your pay by direct deposit.

Things You Will Need
  • Direct deposit authorization form

  • Direct deposit cancellation form

  • Written letter

Check with the payroll or human resources department where you work to see if your company requires a written request to discontinue direct deposit. If so, submit the letter to the proper person within the company.

Get a direct deposit cancellation form. Include your full name, bank account number and any other pertinent information on the form.

Ask for a new direct deposit authorization form. This form will have to be revised if you are canceling your direct deposit from one bank account to switch it to a different account.

Write a letter to entities other than your place of employment. If you receive direct deposit payments from somewhere other than an employer, such as from a retirement fund or annuity, write a letter to the company from which you receive payments stating that you would like to discontinue direct deposit.


If you are closing the account in which funds are currently direct deposited, keep it open until you begin receiving your new form of chosen payment.


Don't expect the change to happen immediately. Discontinuing direct deposit will take at least one to two full pay periods before the change takes effect.