How to Import Electronics from Japan. Japan is one of the leading exporters of electronics and it is home to many well-known electronics manufacturers. Electronic products such as compact disc players, video cameras and video cassette recorders were developed by Japanese companies without the involvement of firms in the United States. The following steps will show how to import electronics from Japan.

Step 1.

Find a reputable Japanese importer. There are many companies on the web such as (see Additional Resources below) that will allow you to order electronic products directly from Japan. Be certain you are dealing with a legitimate company because payment is normally required in advance before the product is shipped.

Step 2.

Order the electronic product. You will frequently be required to use a payment system such as Paypal because the seller is liable for any credit card fraud in Japan and the online credit card fee is 7 percent. Check the seller's Paypal reputation if it offers this payment option.

Step 3.

Pay the import duty. The tariff on electronics from Japan is quite high so you should expect the landed cost of any electronic product to be considerably more than the sale price in Japan.

Step 4.

Convert the price into yen. International tariff regulations generally require you to buy imported products in the exporting country's currency.

Step 5.

Check the warranty terms carefully. A product with a worldwide warranty normally must be shipped back to the country of origin for service whereas an explicit "U.S." warranty will allow it to be serviced in the United States.