How to Maintain Vending Machines

How to Maintain Vending Machines. Owning and placing vending machines can be a lucrative way to supplement your income. However, maintaining vending machines once they have been placed into accounts involves much more than just stocking them with product and removing money.

Clean the outside of the vending machines every time you fill them with product. Use a soft cloth and a spray glass cleaner to remove surface dirt and finger prints. Keeping your machines looking good will increase your sales and discourage abuse or vandalism.

Vend each of your machines with a cash vend as a standard part of each service call. Use cash from the cash box and make a test vend to be sure coins aren't sticking in the acceptor and the machine is delivering the customer's purchase without a problem.

Remove the coin acceptor from the machine if your vending machine is an electronic vend. Open the coin acceptor and check it for damage and dirt. If the acceptor appears dirty, use warm water and a soft cloth to clean it. Replace the acceptor if it is not working.

Place a phone number on every vending machine you own so that customers know who to call if the machine is not operating properly.

Respond to all calls for service promptly. If you cannot get there within two days, let the client know when to expect you. If the machine is inoperable ask the client to put an "Out Of Order" sign on it.

Repair the machine onsite or remove it from the location and replace it with a working machine if you must take the machine home for repairs.


  • Keep spare parts on hand for making common repairs. Common repairs will vary depending on the vending machines you use. If you buy used vending machines, you might want to pick up an extra machine or two to use for parts. If you can't repair the machines yourself, look in your yellow pages under "Vending Machine Repair." If there are no entries, call a local vending company. Many of them offer repair service.

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