Need an effective way to advertise for your company? A byline is a very effective way of getting the word out. Writing a byline is not complicated, but it must be correct to be effective. Knowing a few simple rules about writing a byline is the ticket to being able to produce a useful byline. Follow these simple steps and you'll have a powerful byline in no time!

Step 1.

Write your byline in third person. Even if you are writing about yourself, be sure to write it using third person pronouns.

Step 2.

Include your name or the name of your company. Use the name that your customers and clients need to use to find you.

Step 3.

Describe what the company has done or what you, the consultant, have done.

Step 4.

Answer the questions: What is your line of business? If your byline is for an independent consultant use this second line to tell of previous experience in the field being written about in the article above the byline. If the reference is to a company, tell what the company does.

Step 5.

Point to where the person or company is located. On the Internet, this would most commonly be a website or an email address. Give the reader a way to contact you or the company. This is your opportunity to reel in some potential customers or clients -don't miss it!

Step 6.

Describe how your work or company stands out from the competition. Does your company do something the other companies don't do? Do you complete something a certain way? This is also a great time to plug in your speed. Can you accomplish a task faster than the next guy?


Flip through some articles online and in print. Read the bylines at the end of the article. This will give you a feel for the length and content of a good byline.


Avoid the temptation to cross over into wordiness. Remember you want to point readers to your website where you will have all the space you'd like to tell about your company or consulting services.