How to Make a Shipping Process Flow Chart

How to Make a Shipping Process Flow Chart. Businesses must ensure that employees adhere to a standard shipping process. That conformance, however, becomes difficult when personnel turnover or shipping volume suddenly increases. Bypass these problems by making a shipping process flow chart that clearly depicts the company's accepted procedure.

Use any word processing or graphics presentation computer program that creates tables or charts. Insert a field, text box or row for every major step in the company's shipping process. Set up a single page document in landscape format. Add the title, "Shipping Process Flow Chart."

Start the first step by identifying how the company begins a new order. Have employees ensure batches aren't duplicates or fraudulent. Instruct personnel to print packing slips and to sort batches by carrier such as FedEx, DHL, US Mail or UPS. Have employees then locate the carrier's specific shipping form and complete each carrier's handling report.

Instruct employees to identify the carrier's packing directions. Follow this with a step explaining how personnel verify that each carrier's requirements have been fulfilled. Insert steps explaining how custom packages must be assembled. Pinpoint where in the shipping department employees should locate these supplies.

Give instructions on completing the company's shipping labels. Insert steps requiring employees to enter the bag weight and shipping destination. Add a step instructing personnel to complete a company shipping control form. Then explain where employees should place assembled packages ready for shipment.

Complete the chart with steps charging employees to confirm their compliance with the entire procedure. Ask them to verify that they entered the order in the company's computerized system or a log book. Further, request that employees review shipping labels for accurate information. The last step should specify that they enter any tracking numbers in the company's daily shipping report.

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