How to Make a Hiring Process Flow Chart

How to Make a Hiring Process Flow Chart. Why would you choose to make a hiring process flow chart? Some Human Resource departments find that having a visual guide to the complexities of hiring helps out with the challenging interview and hire process. The flow chart organizes scenarios and responses to show how the hiring process should go. It's a map to getting the right people on board.

Identify a beginning and end to your process. The beginning will be when you get the application, or when an applicant walks in the door. Identifying the end means knowing the criteria for either a definite yes or no on a candidate.

Brainstorm "pieces" to the hiring process including criteria, skills needed for the job, desirable degrees or certifications, and other helpful items.

Make lists of these items for use in the flow chart.

Look over the items you have compiled and look at where they should go in the hiring/interview process.

Draw your chart. Using s series of boxes connected with lines, put all of your identified items into chronological order, as you would for a series of interview questions. Using "yes/no" prompts for possible answers, arrange all of your outcomes until you can see which ones lead to a yes and which ones lead to a no.


  • Use special structures like "in or out" tests to make your flow chart more efficient. For example, a company might have a "quick list" of more trivial job requirements to augment a sequential skills-and-qualifications interview. The "quick list" would be attached to the flow chart to "weed out" otherwise qualified candidates who don't meet other common requirements like driver's license, land-line phone, or even U.S. citizenship. Form a committee to review the chart. You'll want to pass the chart by a selection of people involved in the company to test its rationality and make changes as needed. Your hiring flow chart should represent the unique needs and policies of your company.

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