How to Hold a Board Meeting

How to Hold a Board Meeting. A board meeting needs to be organized and orderly. Robert's Rules of Order sets the standard most organizations follow in terms of running meetings, especially board meetings. Read these guidelines to gain insight into how to run an effective board meeting.

Create an agenda for your board meeting. Include the overall objective of the meeting such as budget review and planning. List the topics of discussion for the board meeting such as an audit or discussion of last year's spending.

Send a meeting notice that includes the date, time and location to all board members and other personnel that need to attend. Attendance may depend upon the topics of the agenda. Include the agenda in the meeting notice.

Begin the meeting at the published meeting time. The board president typically calls the meeting to order and runs the meeting in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. After calling the meeting to order, the president should conduct a roll call to make a note of what members and personnel attended.

Review past board meeting minutes, introduce new business and go over the meeting topics already on the agenda. Whoever has the floor, probably the president presents a motion and someone else seconds the motion before discussion begins.

Debate the issues that have been presented before voting. Present the issue as a question and ask for those in favor and then those opposed. If the yes votes outnumber the no votes then the resolution passes. If the no votes win then the resolution loses.

Break into committees to discuss committee specific business. Reconvene and end the board meeting on time with a motion to adjourn.


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