One of the benefits of writing blog reviews is receiving free products. Bloggers can do several things to get free review products, including approaching businesses and asking for samples, joining affiliate programs and posting review policies. The Federal Trade Commission requires bloggers to disclose incentives for writing a review, such as the receipt of a free product sample. Many bloggers comply with this guideline by including a brief disclosure statement at the bottom of review posts.

Develop a Review Blog and a Following

Business owners prefer to send products to established blogs. If you haven’t already, start using Google Analytics to measure traffic to your site. Businesses that are interested in providing review samples often ask about site statistics. Post reviews regularly. This helps you build your readership and shows businesses that you are serious about writing reviews. Share your posts on social media and cultivate relationships with people who comment on your site, as well as other bloggers.

Post Your Review Policies on Your Blog

If you welcome review samples, let blog visitors know about it. Dedicate a page on your blog to your review policy. Explain how you choose products for review, the review process and how businesses can get in touch with you about writing a review. Don’t put your address on this page if you are concerned about privacy. Instead, ask interested business owners and social media managers to contact you via email or a contact form.

Contact Businesses Directly

If you prefer to be proactive, start contacting businesses that sell products you’d like to review. Visit the websites of these companies and send them an email explaining that you are a blogger and would like to review their products. Include the URL of your blog and site statistics, including the number of site visits and page views that you receive each month. One way to find businesses that provide review samples is to visit blogs in your niche. Check reviews for a free sample disclosure. The business that provided the sample may be willing to do the same for you.

Join Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is an advertising and marketing model that pays publishers on the basis of an ad’s performance. Businesses that run affiliate programs provide publishers such as yourself with graphic and text-based ads that you can publish on your blog. If one of your readers clicks on the ad and makes a purchase, you receive either a percentage of the sale or a flat fee. Some businesses that operate affiliate programs provide samples to publishers. If you join a company’s affiliate program and believe that its products would be a good fit for a review, contact the business and suggest that it send you a sample.