How to Stock a Concession Stand

How to Stock a Concession Stand. When spectators get hungry at a sporting event or concert, they flock to the concession stand to get a snack or sandwich, However, no one likes to stand in a long line, so you should stock your concession stand with items that keep the line moving. Your customers will thank you.

Keep plenty of fast, bagged snacks in stock since this is the item most people want to buy. Potato chips, nachos and candy bars are popular snacks for concession stands. Choose plain and barbecue potato chips.

Stock soda in cans. Have a cola, a lemon-lime flavor and a few other favorites, such as grape and root beer. Be sure the sodas are cold by keeping them in ice buckets.

Choose popular candy bars such as plain chocolate and chocolate with peanuts, such as Snickers.

Sell sandwiches that are already prepared and wrapped. Your customers can just pick up, pay and go. Ham and cheese is a good option. A large portion of your customers will be lactose intolerant, so stock some sandwiches that don't contain cheese.

Add snack-cake brands, such as Little Debbie, to your concession stand inventory.

Pick up fresh doughnuts to sell, if this is a morning event. Place an order with the local doughnut shop for several dozen doughnuts and arrive at least an hour ahead of the event to pick them up.

Make fresh coffee to sell in your concession stand. Stock non-dairy creamer, sugar and sugar-substitute packets.


  • Don't forget the common-sense items, such as napkins and paper bags, when stocking your concession stand.


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