How to Start a Crime Scene Cleanup Company

How to Start a Crime Scene Cleanup Company. When a violent crime or suicide takes place the scene left behind may need extensive decontamination. The cleaning of a crime scene is left to the owner of the home or building. Not only would cleaning be emotionally difficult most people do not have the knowledge to properly clean blood borne pathogens and decontaminate a crime scene. That is where a crime scene cleaner comes in. Read on to learn more.

Learn what crime scene cleaners do. Talk with crime scene cleaners to learn the situations they may deal with and the physical work involved. Crime scene cleaners will be dealing with the aftermath of decomposed bodies, methamphetamine labs, violent crimes and suicide. The work is not for individuals with a weak stomach.

Obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Body tissue, fluids and blood left behind at a crime scene are considered biohazards and require special permits to transport. A business license is also needed.

Purchase necessary equipment. An ozone machine will be needed to remove odors. Enzyme solvent which helps kill viruses along with hospital strength disinfectants will be used to clean a crime scene. In addition vacuums, mops and protective gear for staff will be needed.

Train staff. There is much more to cleaning a crime scene than mopping up. Staff needs to learn how to handle bodily fluids safely and dispose of them properly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration have more information on handling blood borne pathogens safely. Hepatitis B may be transmitted through blood. Be sure staff is offered the hepatitis B vaccine to prevent contracting the disease.

Make business contacts. Crime scene businesses usually don't advertise on radio and television like other businesses. Get to know police officers and paramedics in your community. They can provide referrals to victims loved ones as needed. Meet with morticians to leave information about your company.

Set up a website. A website is an excellent marketing tool for a crime scene cleaning business. Take before and after photos to show the extent of work completed. Include information regarding insurance coverage. Many family members of victims may not be aware homeowners insurance polices may cover crime scene cleanup.

Watch for signs of post traumatic stress in employees. Even the toughest person may have trouble dealing with horrible crime scenes everyday. Signs include, trouble sleeping, depression agitation and withdrawal from activities.

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