How to Do Product Placement

How to Do Product Placement. Product placement in films and TV shows often features a particular branded item, like milk or soda, in a shot. Product placement has become prevalent in all forms of media, including blogs websites, murals and newsletters. Companies usually pay for these mentions, much like they pay for regular advertising.

Contact a product placement media company, such as Eclipse Worldwide. Many companies specialize in placing books, food, CDs and other products in movies or TV shows. A representative from a film or television show will often request items, such as self-help books. You can get your products placed by contacting the media agency and offering your products for on-camera use.

Place product mentions in blogs. You can get a blurb or just the product name mentioned by paying a fee, trading links or offering free product samples to the writer or blog owner. Be bold and offer a video or audio "commercial" that fits with the blog's contact. Always work out a scenario that's beneficial for both parties.

Consider having a film character drive your latest model car or have a character use a blender you manufacture. These scenes may already be written for the film or be rewritten to accommodate the product placement. Actors may also mention your product in film or TV dialog.

Hire an artist to include your product in a mural placed on a building or along a highly traveled freeway. The brand name doesn't have to be included in the painting of the item. Often a subtle representation works better.

Get the name of your product mentioned in a newsletter or article about your industry. Contact the writer or editor and decide the best way to do this without being obvious or alienating readers. Remember that product placement should be used as an addition to regular advertising, not instead of it.


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