How to Write a Public Relations Plan

How to Write a Public Relations Plan. Public relations plans define the objectives of efforts by companies to achieve specific goals. When you write a public relations plan, you should first select the audience with whom you wish to share information. You'll then need to find the best way to convey that information, be it press releases, television spots or other avenues. By defining your purpose and keeping your plan in line, you'll achieve remarkable results.

Decide why you (or your clients) need a public relations plan. Do you want to develop company name recognition or announce a new product? Perhaps your organization received recent good or bad press, presenting you with issues to address.

Determine what you'll do with the plan once you've written it. Define the message of the plan and to whom you wish to direct the message. Decide how you'll get the message to your target audience, such as email campaigns, press releases, mass mailings or concentrated ad blitzes.

Write the plan with clear, simple sentences and no typos. Whether you're going to keep the PR plan to yourself, disseminate it to your 50 employees or prepare a public relations plan for another company altogether, it must be a professional-looking document.

Develop a schedule to implement the plan. Price various media and decide on a few affordable avenues through which you can get your message out there. There are three main considerations when choosing a media; it must be cost effective, consistent and provide you with superior customer service.

Track the results of the plan. When choosing various sources to help you get out the word, come up with something to track the results of your efforts. Then, after each campaign you'll be able to evaluate the results. If upon review, you find you did not achieve your plan as written, consider how to modify it for future success.


  • No matter the size of your staff, even if it's just you, have a brainstorming session and come up with ideas of how your company is one-of-a-kind or what services it provides that no one else can. The meat of a public relations plan is getting the word out about "what's so special about you."


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