What Is In-House in Public Relations

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From press releases to press conferences, companies expect public relations professionals to manage the two-way communication between the company and its target audiences.

In-House Means “On Staff”

When a company says they handle their public relations “in-house,” it means that they have at least one public relations practitioner on staff.

The Role of Public Relations in an Organization

Public relations help organizations achieve their strategic goals by building relationships with key stakeholders and communicating pertinent information to the public.


Advantages of In-House PR

An in-house PR team has access to historical and confidential information about a company, making it easier for them to develop appropriate communication strategies.


Key PR Tasks

Some key PR tasks for in-house teams include writing, media relations, event planning, researching public attitudes, and crisis communications.


Working with an Agency

In-house teams will often work with a PR agency for major projects such as a new product release, product recalls, or special events.



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