How to Start a Bait Shop

How to Start a Bait Shop. Bait shops do much more than sell bait as they must cater to a variety of fisherman at a number of levels. Bait shops may find a wide clientèle if they do more than just sell bait. A few simple steps can help you start a bait shop of your own.

Pick a prime location right from the start. If you can find a centralized location near a river or several lakes, your bait shop is likely to do good business.

Choose a building that fits your needs. You can probably rent or purchase a location for relatively little money, as the facilities need not be flashy or spectacular. Part of the charm of a locally run bait shop is the rugged character it can carry off.

Stock bait and a variety of other fishing supplies like rods and reels, lures, nets and other fishing accessories. You never know when a fisherman might break a pole or lost a line, so having those materials in stock is a great money maker.

Consider selling light camping equipment and supplies like food, coolers and canned drinks. Many fisherman camp out and fish for several days, so catering to a diverse amount of needs is a smart way to increase income.

Make your facilities available for practical fishing purposes like cleaning. By offering a well kept fish cleaning area or a boat launch and dock, you can draw more people to your bait shop once they've completed their fishing.

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