How to Start a Theatre Camp

How to Start a Theatre Camp. Being your own boss is a dream of many. If you have a passion for theatre then starting a theatre camp may be the answer for you. A theatre camp will offer you the opportunity to share your skills and passion with others and make money while doing so. It's your opportunity to enjoy getting up to go to work everyday. Here's the information you need to get started.

Conduct research to see if starting a theatre camp is the right business for your area. You want to check to see if there is a lot of interest in theatre in your area and to make sure what you want to do isn't already being done by others.

Research the competition. If someone else in your area is also offering a theatre camp you want to know what they're doing, what they offer, who their target demographic is and other information that will help you design your business better.

Secure all paperwork and licenses needed to operate your camp in your area. Make sure you incorporate your business and understand the taxes and regulations necessary for your theatre camp. A lawyer will probably be needed to help you through this process.

Determine the curriculum or activities your camp is going to offer. You will also want to determine the focus of your theatre camp. If there are plenty of other camps that focus on theatre, finding a niche will mean the difference between success and failure for your camp.

Find a location for your camp. If there's a university or community college in your area that isn't already offering a theatre camp you will want to look into renting their facilities.

Set the dates for your camp and advertise. Without the appropriate advertising, no one will know your camp is up and running.

Start signing up participants. If your camp focuses on children then dropping off fliers and information to various schools will be the best way to get participants to sign up.

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