How to Promote International Trade

How to Promote International Trade. As the world economy becomes more intertwined, international trade becomes increasingly important. As outdated practices, such as tariffs and quotas are re-evaluated, barriers to trade between nations continue to fall and the availability of goods and services from abroad increases. Promoting international trade encourages a healthy overall economy.

Learn all you can about international trade. A good way to promote international trade is by becoming an expert in the field.

Become a self-appointed international trade ambassador. Promoting international trade in your daily life, even without any formal plan or strategy, is a great way to get the information out that international trade benefits everyone.

Get past the old notion of buying American. An increase in international trade leads to an increase in the availability of high quality, affordable goods and services. Embrace the inevitability of the global marketplace.

Visit high schools, colleges and career fairs to promote international trade careers. Many people simply do not understand the ins and outs of trading between nations. Therefore, they don't recognize it as an option when it comes to thinking about careers.

Contact the Department of Commerce in your state, and talk to someone in the International Trade Division. You can use this resource to learn about upcoming events, as wells as for information gathering.

Talk to an international trade representative at your state's Department of Commerce about a sister-city program. Many cities have used such programs to promote trade between businesses in different countries.

Work with the Department of Commerce to organize a business tour of another city. This type of organized trip is intended to allow business owners and managers to view business practices in other countries. Such a trip can also be used for networking purposes.

Pursue a career in international trade. International trade specialists are in demand as the world economy grows more integrated.

Talk to your company's management about expanding operations to include international trade. A strong proposal may convince management that doing business with overseas companies can greatly increase revenue.

Go back to school to earn a degree in an international trade field. Graduate and post-graduate work in international finance, marketing, research or logistics can promote trade and provide a path to a job.


  • Start an international trade blog of your own. This is an inexpensive and practical way to promote international trade.

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