How to Start a Mailing Service

How to Start a Mailing Service. Many companies need mailing services for direct mailers in order to assist them with increasing their company's visibility. These services offer advertisers a way to save money and reach thousands of prospective customers. Here's how to fill a niche and start a profitable enterprise.

Choose your venue. A mailing service can provide mailing lists to direct marketers, act as a direct mailer or offer co-op mailing service. You also use the internet to create emailing services. You must decide what type of mailing service suits you the best.

Pick a product. Decide if you are going to sell mailing lists to other mailing services. If not, you should know if you are going to mail marketing materials, magazines or newsletters. Evaluate the profit and loss for each product.

Find vendors. If you use a co-op mailing system, have the advertisers provide their own copies of printed material. If you intend to direct mail or provide a printed document, find a printer and a paper supplier who are cost effective. Research these before you start your business.

Buy your supplies. You need to have names and addresses in order to provide a mailing list to another mailing service. If you're going to mail products, you must obtain a bulk mail postage permit.

Price your service. You must know how much it costs you to be in business. You need to be able to charge a price that covers your expenses and allows you to profit. Evaluate other mail service companies and be competitive with them. You must have better quality or provide better service if you're going to price your service higher than your competitors.


  • You need to be in compliance with your local and state laws for business.

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