How to Make Money From

As one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon provides you with a few ways to make money. Two of the most common are selling products through the Amazon platform or participating in the Amazon Associates program.

Selling Products

Amazon allows individuals and businesses to sell products through the website. These items range from old books to motorcycles. To sell on Amazon you must register with the site and set up an account. If you anticipate selling less than 40 items a month, you register as an individual. Otherwise, you need to sign up for a professional seller account. Individual sellers pay a per-item fee for each sale, as well as associated, item-category fees. Professionals pay monthly membership fees. You can improve your chances of makings sales by offering detailed descriptions of your products, selecting the appropriate condition level and using an accurate image. Encourage customers to leave reviews, as a healthy number of positive reviews encourages confidence in other buyers.

Become an Amazon Associate

The Amazon Associates program lets you advertise products from the Amazon site on your website or blog. As with the seller program, you need to set up an account with the Associates program or link your existing account. Amazon provides banner ads and widgets to associates as well as picture and text ads that you can use. When customers visit Amazon through one of your links and buy something, you receive a commission of up to 10% on products the customer purchases. Developing a revenue stream from the Associate program calls for a little strategy and realism. The product links should be relevant to the overall topic of your blog of website, such as links to tablet computers on a technology blog. The Associates program works best for sites and blogs with a steady stream of traffic. Low traffic sites typically cannot convert enough readers into buyers to make significant revenue.