How to Write an Employee Recognition Letter

How to Write an Employee Recognition Letter. An employee recognition letter can be a great tool to show appreciation for one's hard work, dedication and special contributions. After all your employees are what carry your business to new heights and allows for a better work enviornment.Here are some suggestions for writing an effective and professional. letter for that deserving employee.

Gather employee data such as length of employment, title or specific contribution to make the letter as personal as possible.

Write a letter that is concise but sincere, and include what the employee did, the importance of the contribution and the benefit it offers the organization.

Focus on the employee's outstanding achievements, but don't include company information that is not directly related to that employee.

Be professional and copy the appropriate management levels.

Proofread the letter for spelling and grammar errors.

Type the letter on company letterhead. Recognition letters should not be e-mailed as it lacks professionalism.


  • There is a National Employee Recognition Day, but some companies set aside a specific day to honor outstanding employees. An award certificate can be downloaded and printed and included with the letter. A recognition letter can be used for customer service or satisfaction, outstanding one-time achievements or an ongoing high level of performance.

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