Launching a clothing line is a creative and potentially lucrative career path that marries expertise in marketing to funky and original design. However, like most new ventures, one of the biggest obstacles to success is getting its funding off the ground. Obtaining funding for a clothing line requires thinking "outside of the box" for funding sources and trying every option until you get a response, positive or negative.

Step 1.

Organize yourself on the business end. Write out a business plan that details how you will market the new line, what the cost is to roll it out, potential buyers, plans for distribution, size range and target demographic to purchase your designs.

Step 2.

Approach family and friends to invest in your line. Once you do a budget and determine what your needs are to launch the line, ask those closest to you to each invest to get it off the ground. You may need to show the willing ones a solid business plan to assure them that chances of getting a return on investment are good.

Step 3.

Seek an angel investor. These financial wizards are always on the lookout for new ventures in which they can participate, and work with small enterprises that don't require the help of, say, a venture capitalist just yet. Funding a clothing line might be the kind of creative endeavor that an angel investor seeks, and there are generally groups found in every state.

Step 4.

Apply for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan. Administered through the US Small Business Association, these loans can help you get your line off the ground. However, keep in mind that this is something you will need to repay, so you need a back-up plan in the event that your line doesn't do as well as you had hoped. Moreover, to obtain this loan, you need to set up as a business entity from which you can then work on launching your line.