A chain of command chart shows the organization of a company through a hierarchy. Often, it's called an organizational hierarchy chart. The term “chain of command,” however, implies that communication should move through the hierarchy in a specific order. Create a chain of command chart in your company to remind employees whom they should communicate with first and what steps they should take when they do so.

Things You Will Need
  • Poster board

  • Employee photographs

  • Pencil

  • Glue

Step 1.

Glue a picture of the CEO, or highest person, of the organization at the top of a piece of poster board. Write his name and title underneath the image.

Step 2.

Draw chain links between this person and each individual directly under him. Make the number of chain links equal to the number of steps the person below must take before approaching his superior. For example, the chief operating officer may need to confer with the chief financial officer and craft the information into a report before talking to the CEO. This would put two links between the CEO and COO.

Step 3.

Write the steps next to each link. Assign the first step to the lowest link. Apply the second step to the next lowest link and so on. Repeat for each person in the organization.


Make the steps as general or as specific as necessary. Some employees may have only one or two reasons they need to talk to a superior, meaning they need specific steps. Other employees may have many reasons to contact their superior, meaning their steps should be general enough to cover most eventualities.

Cross-reference steps with its section in the employee handbook if you can't include all eventualities into the step.