Whether you have recently obtained gemstones from your deceased parent's estate or you have acquired your own collection of gems over the years, selling gemstones for the maximum rate of profit is a difficult task when you have no idea where to begin. A number of different options are available in the gem market for resale. The best approach is to consider your desired time frame for turnaround and the available buyer options in your community.

Things You Will Need
  • Display cases

  • Camera

  • Tent booth

  • Tables

Step 1.

Put your gemstones in display cases. The cases will protect your gems from scratching or breaking while simultaneously showcasing the beautiful features of your gems.

Step 2.

Bring your gems to an independent certified gemologist appraiser that is accredited by the American Gem Society or the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. Your stones will be evaluated based on variety, weight in carats, color, color intensity and clarity. You can alternately attempt to discern the value of your stones by consulting online appraisal gem guides, but the opinion of a certified expert may help you sell your collection more readily to certain buyers.

Step 3.

Attend local gem fairs or shows to get a sense of the retail market in terms of the best sellers and the typical prices advertised on stones that have similar qualities to the stones in your collection. Bring photographs of your stones in their display cases.

Step 4.

Approach the vendors at the fairs or shows. Show your photographs and determine if they are interested in purchasing the stones in your collection. Provide your contact information to anyone that is interested in your collection. You can also ask for information about upcoming gem shows in the area or for any sales tips.

Step 5.

Purchase a tent booth and tables according to the booth space regulations of the gem show if you are interested in selling your collection at a gem show. Pay the booth fee and go to the show. Put your gems inside the display cases on the tables. Write up a price list for each stone and keep it on hand.

Step 6.

Advertize your gemstone collection online for auction on sites like eBay or for flat rates on sites like Amazon according to the appraisal values you obtained in Step 2. Contact local auction houses to find out if there are any upcoming auctions with available slots for your collection.

Step 7.

Bring the collection to jewelers and mineral shops in your area to see if they are interested in purchasing your collection. This option is recommended if you need to make the sale quickly. Note that you may get less money for the sale if you pursue this option as wholesale prices are more common;y offered in this scenario.