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Dean & DeLuca was founded by Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca in 1977 in New York City. Today it has expanded to include stores in Washington, D.C.; Charlotte, North Carolina; Tokyo; Napa Valley, California; and Kansas City, Missouri. It specializes in specialty food, wine and kitchenware. If you want your product to be sold at Dean & DeLuca, you must begin by applying to become a vendor.

Call Dean & DeLuca at 800-221-7714. Tell the operator that you wish to talk to someone regarding becoming a vendor. The operator will connect you with a business affairs representative.

Ask the business affairs representative to send you a vendor application. Provide him with an e-mail address.


Print the vendor application once you have received it. Fill it out completely. Pay close attention to your penmanship and grammar.


Ship a sample of your product to Dean & DeLuca with your completed vendor application. The address is provided on the vendor application.


Wait to hear back from a Dean & DeLuca representative. She will review your application and sample and determine whether your product is appropriate for the store.



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